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Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 2)

Why did decide to join BC?

Anastasia: When I first came to campus, I knew I wanted to become involved with an organization that was professional, but I could also find a good group of friends in. It’s exciting that I’ve made so many new friends just being a month into BC.

Shannon: I decided to join BC because I was looking for a professional organization on campus involved with the College of Business and that would allow me to grow my family and find a social group that I could bond with during my college career.

Zach: I decided to join BC because I thought its three pillars would allow me to become a more well-rounded person.

What has been your favorite moment of BC so far?

Anastasia: When Emily Rock walked into a “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” social event in a hot dog costume.

Shannon: My favorite moment of BC was the welcome day when we all went up on the stage and we got welcomed by the Council. It was really exciting and I felt like I had found my home already. We walked up to the stage, everybody had glow sticks and it was dark, when the lights turned on there was a ton of BC members cheering us on.

Zach: My favorite moment has been the new member retreat, I got to meet a lot of new people and learn more about BC.

What are you studying and why?

Anastasia: I am currently in the College of Business, but I am undecided. I am leaning towards marketing and pairing another major with that. Forensic accounting sounds interesting, but I don’t know much about a lot of the majors, so I am excited to explore my options. It’s really nice to have older members that I can talk to and gauge their experiences with their major.

Shannon: Currently I’m business undecided, but I’m really interested in business because it is the avenue in which people are able to make a difference in the world.

Zach: I’m in the College of Business and undecided, but I want to major in Information Systems and Information Technology (ISIT). I’m interested in computer programming and right now I’m on the team to create an app for BC, which I really love doing and learning about.

What else are you involved with on campus?

Anastasia: I am involved with the hall council at my dorm, and I am also in Campus Crusades.

Shannon: I am involved with Maker Girl, which is a startup that encourages girls to go into STEM fields by doing 3-D printing sessions. I’m the external funding manager, so I’m in charge of all of the external funding, which is grants.

Zach: I am in the Association for Information Systems, and I am also doing some intramural sports.

What are you looking forward to within BC?

Anastasia: I am looking forward to the relationships I can build in the future, I’m really excited to see how the Council will evolve over the next four years. I also can’t wait to see what impact Fall ‘16 can make on the Council.

Shannon: I am looking forward to bonding with my fellow BC members, all of the social events I have gone to so far I have really enjoyed, and I just want to get closer and closer with everyone.

Zach: Aside from the networking side of it, I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities and experiences that BC will provide me.

Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 2)

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