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Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 3)

Why did you decide to join BC?

Shayan: I knew that I wanted to be involved with the College of Business in a more direct way, so being in a business organization was a great way to become involved.

Danny: I didn’t know much about BC until the info night, but I thought the speakers were incredible and I thought they were the best and brightest on campus. That’s how I knew where I wanted to be.

Megan: I decided to join BC after I got accepted into the College of Business at the beginning of sophomore year. I knew I wanted to get more involved with the College of Business, meet older students and join a business organization that would help me develop professionally.

What has been your favorite moment of BC so far?

Shayan: My favorite moment so far was walking into the lecture hall at Gregory Hall on our first day, and everyone in the Council was cheering for us. That was the most unexpected thing ever, and I didn’t realize everyone was so excited for the new members.

Danny: I really liked the new member retreat. I got to connect with a lot of the older members I didn’t know before.

Megan: My favorite memory was the social event with PGN. The theme was different, but we made it work!

What are you studying and why?

Shayan: I’m planning on getting a dual degree in finance and accounting, because I’ve been interested in business for awhile. I really like how money works in our society.

Danny: I think I will be studying finance, I’ve always know I’ve been interested in investments.

Megan: I am majoring in finance and minoring in molecular and cellular biology. Before I transferred into the business school, I was a premed student, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to medical school. I decided to go the finance route, but I am still really interested in medicine.

What else are you involved with on campus?

Shayan: I’m mainly involved in business organizations, I’m also in Prime, which is a program that prepares you for Investment Banking Academy and management consulting. I’m also in the Finance Club where I have an associate position.

Danny: I am in Illinois Consulting Academy, Habitat for Humanity and Prime.

Megan: I am the sisterhood chair for my social sorority Gamma Phi Beta.

What are you looking forward to within BC?

Shayan: I’m really looking forward to having a large impact on the College of Business, instead of just being a student.

Danny: I would like to be new member dad with Papa Parth next year and getting leadership in the Council.

Megan: I am hoping to being a new member chair eventually, so I can be “mom!” Also, I am looking forward to meeting the older members and our new member class’ Capstone project.

Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 3)

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