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Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 6)

Why did you decide to join BC?

Alli: I decided to join BC because I had been introduced to it earlier when I shadowed an older student. Also, everyone I met throughout the interview process was so welcoming and kind. I looked up to everyone I met and wanted to surround myself with those kinds of people.

Elena: BC people are some of the most impressive, kind and amazing people I know, and I really wanted to be a part of that. So happy that I tricked them into letting me in!

Rikin: At first, a lot of my friends talked about Business Council and how it helps with getting internships and jobs. I liked the 100% job placement, and through the recruitment process, I could see how easy it is to connect and build friendships with the members.

What has been your favorite moment of BC so far?

Alli: I liked new member retreat because I got to know people a lot better and it was funny to get to know people who had interviewed me and see them out of their shell.

Elena: My favorite memory has been barn dance because I got to wear a cow onesie.

Rikin: My favorite moment was our first day when we got to meet everyone; there were so many faces to be introduced to. You got to meet so many people so quickly.

What are you studying and why?

Alli: I am considering studying marketing and supply chain management. I really like working with people and in teams, which is a big part of marketing and supply chain.

Elena: I’m studying accounting because I don’t know exactly what I want to do in business. They say accounting is the “backbone of business” so if I¬†understand accounting then hopefully I can switch between jobs more easily.

Rikin: I am studying finance because it has always been interesting to me. I like math, business, and entrepreneurship and I think finance is a good mix of the three.

What else are you involved with on campus?

Alli: I am involved in 7Elements, which focuses on seven elements of sustainability to help people in poverty start profitable businesses. I would eventually like to start my own nonprofit organization. I am also a member Phi Sigma Sigma social sorority. Additionally, I am on the business honors conference committee.

Elena: I’m the Vice President of Communications for Society of Women in Business and I’m in the sorority Pi Beta Phi.

Rikin: I am involved with Prime, Mergers and Acquisitions. It teaches you the fundamentals of investment banking and consulting.

What are you looking forward to within BC?

Alli: I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of the people within BC better. Also, I am looking forward to developing professionally, socially, and becoming more involved with the College of Business.

Elena: I’m looking forward to getting more involved and meeting more people! I love being a new member but I also can’t wait to meet the next new member class.

Rikin: I am looking forward to getting closer with my new member class as the semesters go on. I am looking forward to all of the experiences we will have the next three years.

Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 6)

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