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Internal Engagement organizes first ever trip to Starved Rock!

By: Drew Danko

Video by: Megan Wetzel

BC members took a trip to Starved Rock State Park to enjoy the last few days of fall weather and explore the trails in the park. Sunday’s trip was the first time the Internal Engagement (IE) committee has planned a trip to Starved Rock.

IE chair Tricia Markby organized the off-campus event with the goal of trying to do something different than years passed. “We really wanted to do a big, fun IE event that was off campus. In the past, they’ve gone to Six Flags and St. Louis, and Grace Lee presented this new idea [Starved Rock], which we thought was creative,” Markby said.

Markby was excited to be able to get off of campus and explore Starved Rock. “My favorite part was being able to get off campus and reconnect with nature, because all too often we get caught up in what’s happening in terms of academics,” Markby said.

BC started the day with a trip to The Root Beer Stand, which has become a tradition within the organization, and then made its way to the park. At Starved Rock, the group visited the Council Overhang, Ottawa Canyon and Kaskaskia Canyon.

College Relations chair Taylor Sledz also enjoyed the trip to Starved Rock. “It was my first time there, and it was a perfect day. The park was so beautiful and peaceful. We loved climbing all of the rocks and canyons,” Sledz said.

The IE committee aims to build relationships and activities to bond with fellow BC members. Past examples of other IE events include trips to Jarling’s Ice Cream or playing frisbee on the quad. “The most important [purpose of IE] is to foster community within the council. We try to bring the council together to strengthen current relationships and build new ones,” Markby said.

IE has numerous other events coming up, such as an ice skating outing at the campus Ice Arena and a trip to Curtis Apple Orchard.

Internal Engagement organizes first ever trip to Starved Rock!

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