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2017 Executive Board


External Vice President

Internal Vice President

Vice President of Communications

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Operations

2016 Committee Chairs

Meg Keane
Charity Fundraising

The Charity Fundraising Committee's focus is on raising a significant donation for our charity of choice. A new charity is voted on each semester, and all events are to raise money and awareness. Our goal is to create excitement among the council about the impact we make on a great cause.

Jason Sweetwood
James Doan
College Relations

As College Relations chairs, it is our job to maintain and further develop a strong connection between Business Council and the College of Business. We plan fun, interactive events such as a "Dinner with the Deans" and an "Ice Cream Social", and one of our main goals is to offer assistance to the College if they are in need of volunteers or support in any of their efforts.  

Taylor Sledz
Kevin Maxson
Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership serves as the bridge between Business Council and our Corporate Partners. By creating innovative, engaging, and exciting events between our Corporate Partners and Business Council members, we strive to build strong and lasting relationships between our members and our Corporate Partners.

Liam Murray
Kieran Hampl
External Affairs

Throughout the semester, External Affairs will look to partner with other organizations to create impactful events that will allow members of both organizations to grow professionally and to continue to create a large social network. We will be establishing events that help build on each of our three pillars, professional, social, and philanthropy, and that allow all grade levels to gain something of value from the experiences.

Kevin McMahon
Tricia Markby
Internal Engagement

As Internal Engagement, we work to plan events and trips that unite the Council as a whole. We plan large and small events throughout the semester to engage our members on and off campus. We aim to build friendships that last long after college and create memories that are unforgettable. 

Andrew Wabi
Katie Benson
New Member

The New Members Chairs serve as mentors to integrate the New Members of Fall 2016 into Business Council. We lead weekly meetings and organize a multitude of events to ensure the New Members get a full and valuable experience of what Business Council is all about. Forevermore, we ensure the Council has amble opportunity to meet and welcome the New Members into the Business Council family.

Andrew Michelotti
Nathan Gaertner

The Philanthropy Committee is dedicated to supporting the service pillar of Business Council. Our mission is to connect members of Business Council with service opportunities in the local community and raise awareness about global concerns so that they can make a positive impact in the world.

Grace Lee
Hannah Song
Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee helps to uphold the professional pillar through events that teach Council members how to establish their professional brand.  By utilizing internal and external resources to create innovative and valuable events, we aim to prepare Council members for the professional world.

Hope Storey
Emily Crews

The Publications Committee works to inform and update the council through various forms. We manage social media accounts and are also responsible for designing the Council’s general and special event apparel. We strive to maintain and uphold the positive image of Illinois Business Council.

Paula Wangadi
Steven Donnewald

As one of the Recruitment Chairs, it is our job to plan and implement all Business Council events related to recruiting our new member classes. It is also our responsibility to work with the College of Business to run the Ambassador Program to allow aspiring University of Illinois students to shadow current undergraduates.

Sam Schieber
Anan Azeem

The Social chair is responsible for planning and implementing fun events for council members to enjoy in a more casual setting. These events are much more informal, allowing people to hang out and just be normal college friends with each other. 

Brad Johnson
Michael Rivera

The Technology Chairs connect Business Council to technological side of society. Together they work to update the website, control our Google Drive, and plan events that help make our members as technologically literate as possible to compete in a digital-centric work/life landscape. 

Eunice Wangadi