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2017 Executive Board


External Vice President

Internal Vice President

Vice President of Communications

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Operations

2017 Committee Chairs

Anastasia Vlassov
Charity Fundraising

The Charity Fundraising Committee's focus is on raising a significant donation for our charity of choice. A new charity is voted on each semester, and all events are to raise money and awareness. Our goal is to create excitement among the council about the impact we make on a great cause.

Anan Azeem
Elise Wirig
College Relations

As College Relations chairs, it is our job to maintain and further develop a strong connection between Business Council and the College of Business. We plan fun, interactive events such as a "Dinner with the Deans" and an "Ice Cream Social", and one of our main goals is to offer assistance to the College if they are in need of volunteers or support in any of their efforts.  

Kara Kennedy
Hannah Song
Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership serves as the bridge between Business Council and our Corporate Partners. By creating innovative, engaging, and exciting events between our Corporate Partners and Business Council members, we strive to build strong and lasting relationships between our members and our Corporate Partners.

Kayla Guo
Ayush Singh
External Affairs

The External Affairs committee hopes to engage more members of the council than ever before through social, professional, and service events, all while broadening their perspectives as students at the University of Illinois. It is our commitment to foster the Council’s College of Business and cross-campus connections to develop our members socially, professionally, and philanthropically.

Jassiem Renfro
Joey King
Internal Engagement

As Internal Engagement, we work to plan events and trips that unite the Council as a whole. We plan large and small events throughout the semester to engage our members on and off campus. We aim to build friendships that last long after college and create memories that are unforgettable. 

Taylor Sledz
Hope Storey
New Member

Our responsibility is guiding and fostering the newest New Member class. We build long lasting relationships, but also lay the groundwork for the New Members’ time in Business Council. We aim to help establish New Members, so that they can become a valuable part of the Business Council family. 

Brad Johnson
Hamed Kadiani

The Philanthropy Committee is dedicated to supporting the service pillar of Business Council. Our mission is to connect members of Business Council with service opportunities in the local community and raise awareness about global concerns so that they can make a positive impact in the world.

James Doan
Shannon Hoople
Professional Development

​Our mission as ​the ​Professional Development committee is to expand on staple events and offer innovative opportunities for every member of the Council to develop their professionalism and their individual brand.

Kiara Schuh
Drew Danko

The Publications Committee works to inform and update the council through various forms. We manage social media accounts and are also responsible for designing the Council’s general and special event apparel. We strive to maintain and uphold the positive image of Illinois Business Council.

Jenn Ritter
Mary Sullivan

Our goal this semester has been to recruit the best and the brightest and we believe we did just that. Outside of this we have been working diligently with the College of Business Admissions Team to run a “Shadow Program” which allows prospective high school students to follow a current business student for the day.

Megan Wetzel
Jake Graham

The Social chair is responsible for planning and implementing fun events for council members to enjoy in a more casual setting. These events are much more informal, allowing people to hang out and just be normal college friends with each other. 

Jason Sweetwood
Adam Okrzesik

The Technology Committee is dedicated to connecting technology to business. We do this through technology focused events where we discuss new technology trends, examine new technologies, and demonstrate technological skills useful in business. Our goal is that the council learns useful skills and gains valuable experience to use in their future careers.

Zachary Quarton

2017 Coordinators

A Mother's Touch
Elizabeth Heffernan & Scott Provenzano
BC Historian
Arnav Simha & Nick Albert
Joe Lin & Calvin Sailer
BCS Social Media
Meagan Williams & Alli Leach
College of Business Best Dance Crew
Mike O'Shea & Jill Hennessy
Kayla Maxson & Elena Ochoa
International Student Mentorship Program
Ananya Saxena & Danny Von Albade
New Member Class Coordinators
Shayan Choudhury & Owen Leon