Anthony Cantieri, Senior

The President oversees all aspects of Business Council to ensure BC remains the top organization in the College of Business. Along with leading the Executive Board, the President stands as the main contact between our organization and the College's Administration.

Hello Everyone! My name is Anthony Cantieri and I am serving as the 2016 President of Business Council. I am currently a senior majoring in Accountancy and Information Systems & Information Technology. This past summer I had an incredible experience working for Motorola Solutions, and looking forward; I cannot wait to make the most out of my last year on campus. 

When not spending time at a Business Council event you may find me playing golf, fishing, or skiing wherever there is snow! Business Council has given me so many opportunities for growth and success. This is my home away from home and I have made countless lifelong friends. I now see it as my responsibility to make sure new members of this organization have the same experience I had.

Many candidates ask what they can do to put themselves in the best position possible during Business Council recruitment, and my advice is to have fun while getting to know our members, and really let your true personality show. Best of luck on the application process!