Vice President, Finance

Liam Murray, Junior

VP Finance sets each committee's budget for the semester and deals with reimbursements for Business Council transactions. This person specifically oversees the Professional Development and Charity Fundraising committees.

Hello! My name is Liam Murray and I am a Junior majoring in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Information Systems Information Technology. The past two summers I worked for a non-profit organization traveling around the United States with three other college students and leading mission trips for high school students.

This coming summer I will be interning at West Monroe Partners, a consulting firm in Chicago. Business Council is filled with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I am proud and honored to be a part of the organization and know that some of my closest friends in college have come from this group.

Business Council has had a huge impact on my college career and shaping me as an individual and professional. I hope that you have the chance to hear each person’s story and how Business Council has played a part in molding us to who we are today. I cannot wait to welcome the Spring 2017 new members! Get ready for amazing experience and the beginning of an awesome college journey!