Vice President, Operations

Katie Benson, Junior

VP Operations is in charge of keeping a constant record of points of Business Council members, coordinates interviews, and oversees the Recruitment and College Relations committees.


Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Maxson and I’m a senior in the College of Business majoring in Supply Chain Management and Finance. This past summer I interned as a Business Analyst at Abercrombie & Fitch, and the previous summer I interned in a finance role at one of our Corporate Partners, AbbVie. When I joined Business Council as a freshman in the Fall 2013 New Member Class, I found myself in a welcoming group of friends who quickly became my family. Their drive and passion were infectious, and with their mentorship and unwavering support I had the confidence to pursue leadership positions and seek out opportunities to contribute to BC and the College of Business. Business Council has been the absolute best part of my time here at UIUC, and I enjoy using my experiences to inspire others in the Council and further our organization’s legacy of success. I am so excited to welcome our Fall 2016 New Members to our family, and I can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish surrounded by this incredible group of people!