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Study Abroad Sunday: Meg Keane

By Brigid McCann

1) Why did you choose to study abroad at this place?

I truly had never heard so many good things about a program! Everyone who went last year absolutely gushed about it (shoutout to Katie Benson!) and completely sold me on it. I heard it had the friendliest people and that it is the most comfortable home to come back to, which is totally true. My family is really Irish and I had always wanted to go, so it seemed like the perfect place for me. It is really nice to not have a language barrier, and the Irish brogue is still very lovable.

2) Most interesting or fun experience/adventure so far?

The most fun experience was when I planned a trip with my best friend who’s studying in Stockholm less than a day in advance. We met in Prague and then traveled to Vienna to visit BC friends, and it was an absolute blast. It was one of my top favorite trips!

3) Most exotic food you’ve ate?

In Edinburgh I tried haggis, neeps and tatties, which is a traditional Scottish meal. Haggis is ground up sheep and oatmeal, neeps are turnips, and tatties are potatoes. It was very interesting!

4) What’s your favorite part about being abroad?

All the different people you meet! I have made a ton of friends from UW-Madison in my program, and have also met up with a lot of friends and met new people from U of I as well.

5) Biggest challenge you’ve faced while away?

Not being able to be in constant communication with people because of cell service and the time difference, but it’s also cool to get used to being off the grid a little!

6) Funny story?

When I got to Prague, I forgot to look into the exchange rate before taking out the Czech currency from the ATM. I chose the smallest option, but still took out $400 worth of Czeck koruna for the one and a half days I was there. Oops – at least I was able to exchange with friends who went to Prague later!

Study Abroad Sunday: Meg Keane

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