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Where Are You Going Wednesday: Maggie Condon

By Drew Danko

1) Where are you working next year and what is your position?
Next year I will be working at Deloitte in its Cyber Risk Advisory practice.
2) What made you decide to work at Deloitte?
I was encouraged by some BC Alum to look into open job positions at Deloitte to see if I had any interest. I also had a chance to sit down with the head recruiter for advisory and we just completely clicked. She gave me multiple contacts at Deloitte to get in touch with to discuss the open positions and what it would be to work there. I realized right from the start that the people at Deloitte were willing and able to invest in me. The company really values its employees, and that was evident during my exploration of open positions through the last round of interviews. Accepting my offer was a very simple choice. 
3) What makes you most excited about working at Deloitte?
I can’t decide if it is the excellent network of BC alum/friends that already work there or if it is the resources that will be available to me. Having a good internal network will definitely make me more comfortable during my first few weeks. Also, I hope to be able to come back to campus to help with recruiting with the rest of the BC pals. I also know that Deloitte has so many excellent clients and opportunities that I will really be able to grow into a better professional and make a difference.  
4) What has been your favorite moment of Business Council?
Because I was going through sorority recruitment during my new member welcome day, I wasn’t able to join in on a lot of the festivities that day. I was sad about missing the initial welcome events and the party in the night, so when the president at the time, Michael Sykes, texted all the girls doing sorority recruitment after the long day of sorority stuff saying that he needed us all to meet him on the quad because he was taking us to the party, I knew that this was going to be an adventure. We ended up being led to the party by a really sweaty Sykes, and when we got there the party was kind of winding down, so I didn’t expect to stay longer. It turns out that Sykes rallied the Council to come back and continue the party and it turned into a really long, extremely fun night. It just shows how amazing the investment in Council members is and how people are really willing to go the extra mile for you. 
5) What is the best thing Business Council has given you?
My friends. I can’t express enough how much they mean to me and how I don’t know what I’d be doing without them. For real, cherish these relationships because soon you won’t live a 10 minute walk away from them.
6) What are you going to miss most about Business Council and college in general?
The options. I can stay in and watch Netflix, study with some pals, get some sleep, eat at Cracked, walk around the arboretum at literally any time of the day. And the best part is there is always someone to do this things with. I know that once I leave college I will be working a lot and that friends won’t be as readily available, so I’m trying to soak it all in as best as possible these last few weeks. 
7) Is there anything you are nervous about moving into the real world?
How to maintain relationships. Everyone will be doing their own thing, so making sure my relationships with college and high school friends remain strong will be difficult, but so important. I’m sure that if I put in the time to maintain these relationships, things will work out. I also hope that I’ll make new friends, but to be honest I’m not sure how you make friends in the real world yet… stay tuned for that.
8) What advice would you give to younger students?
Explore your options! Talk to people in different majors, RSOs, companies, etc. There are so many opportunities, but you won’t know about them unless you ask about them. Don’t limit yourself. Find something to be passionate about. Step out of your comfort zone. Pursue a hobby on a deeper level. Just make sure you don’t leave college with regrets. 
Where Are You Going Wednesday: Maggie Condon

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