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Where Are You Going Wednesday: Olivia Bounadere

By Drew Danko

1) Where are you working next year and what is your position?
I will be working at AbbVie (biopharmaceutical company), in their Financial Development Program (FDP). My first rotation will be in R&D Clinical Development. 
2) What made you decide to work at AbbVie?
I had two really positive internship experiences at AbbVie! I had the opportunity to work on both the Operations and Commercial side of the business supporting products that are truly life-changing. AbbVie’s internship program does a great job exposing you to the type of work you might experience in an industry-type firm while also giving you the chance to meet other interns through weekly events. I also like how patient-centric AbbVie is because everyone at the company has the opportunity to make an impact on peoples’ lives. 
3) What makes you most excited about working at AbbVie?
I am really looking forward to starting my career in a rotational program at AbbVie. This two year rotational program will give me the opportunity to have a different role every 6 months. I am excited to start off in R&D and hope to working abroad in either Australia, the Netherlands, or Puerto Rico as part of the international rotation options. The people at AbbVie are all great, so I know that no matter where I end up I will have a positive experience. 
4) What has been your favorite moment of Business Council?
It is so difficult to pinpoint one favorite moment of being in BC, but my time serving on the Executive Board was definitely a highlight to my college experience. I loved giving back to the organization through this leadership experience and forming close relationships with Council members.  Now that I am a senior, I love mentoring members that are younger because it brings me back to how exciting those first few years in college can be. 
5) What is the best thing Business Council has given you?
The best thing Business Council has given me is a family away from home. I will always remember my new member semester (yay Fall ’13!) as being one of the best semesters in college. As time has gone (more like flown) by, I’ve formed so many more relationships with members. To this day, I consider them some of my best friends. I truly cannot imagine college or life without the friends I’ve made in BC.
6) What are you going to miss most about Business Council and college in general?
I will definitely miss being within walking distance from some of my closest friends. Living on a campus makes connecting with people so easy, and I’ll miss having my best friends nearby. I’ll also miss BIF because BIF is home (oh and the library because I’m a nerd). My advice would be to study hard, but always make time for friends because those are the memories you’ll cherish the most in college. 
7) Is there anything you are nervous about moving into the real world?
As exciting as the real world sounds, I am nervous about having full responsibility in my job only because I can no longer use the “intern” card for when I don’t know something. However, I’ve realized through experience that asking questions is the best thing I can do because it shows an interest in learning and willingness to improve. I know that my mentors at work (& BC ones!) will help guide me as I start my career. 
8) What advice would you give to younger students?
My advice for younger students would be to pursue what you are genuinely passionate about. My college career has been so positive because I became involved in extracurriculars that I loved and felt I could provide value to. BC was one of those organizations, and I invested so much time into it not because I had to but because I wanted to. The result of that was not only increased leadership and professionalism, but also 130+ people I could call my closest friends. 
Where Are You Going Wednesday: Olivia Bounadere

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