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Where Are You Going Wednesday: Ron Lewis

By Nick Albert

1) Where are you working next year and what is your position?
I am working for Teach for America as a Middle School Math Teacher.  
2) What made you decide to work for Teach for America?
I want to help low income students reach their full potential and be able to share the same experiences I’ve had in college. It’s an amazing opportunity. 
3) What makes you most excited about working at Teach for America?
TFA is one of the most impactful jobs in the world to me. To be able to help students find their passions motivates me to go in and kill it. 
4) What has been your favorite moment of Business Council?
There are too many moments I enjoy, but the new member retreats are always pretty awesome. I also went to barn dance for the first time last semester and it has been something I really love!
5) What is the best thing Business Council has given you?
Mentors, family, and a huge network that will be here for the rest of my life. Business Council is one of the only organizations I’ve been a member since freshman year and have seen me grow into the guy I am today. 
It has been an honor to be a part of the organization. 
6) What are you going to miss most about Business Council and college in general?
Being around friends all the time. I see all my closest friends everyday and we talk all the time. It’s going to be a little harder to meet up with people but I know we’ll make it work. 
7) Is there anything you are nervous about moving into the real world?
Adulting is pretty scary to me. I know the first year out of school is always tough so I just want to make sure that I’m prepared as possible. 
8) What advice would you give to younger students?
Don’t be afraid to not follow what everyone else is doing. Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it.
Where Are You Going Wednesday: Ron Lewis

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