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Where Are You Going Wednesday: Tony Cantieri

By Drew Danko

Where are you working next year and what is your position?

I am working at Motorola Solutions in their new office in the West Loop. I am business systems analyst, I will be doing several different things there. I am starting off in finance and working in supply chain, procurement, and various other areas in IT.

What made you decide to work at Motorola?

I interned there last summer and I really enjoyed my time there with the people I worked with. I really like what I did and they gave me an offer in a position that allowed me to see different areas of the company. I love the motive behind the company, their primary products are all public safety. It’s hardware and software that helps first responders and the military, so it has an awesome social cause which I really like.

What makes you most excited about working at Motorola?

I received great mentorship from my bosses and the people who worked above me over the summer; I’m looking forward to making connections with them. I’m going to be able to work in different parts of the company and work for a company that has a social impact I really believe in. It will also be very cool to work in a brand new office in Downtown Chicago.

What has been your favorite moment of Business Council?

Being able to provide mentorship and help for younger members after I received that mentorship and help when I was younger.  Being in roles like new member chair and being on the executive board as president has allowed me to give back as much as possible, which has been awesome. Having those roles was really special.

What is the best thing Business Council has given you?

Having such a deep and successful network that expands has been awesome. I know people four or five years older than me and people that are four or five years younger than me. It’s not just having that professional network, it’s the friends I’ve gotten out of it. I’ve learned so much and been driven so hard by the people around me, it’s put me in a great position to succeed in the future.

What are you going to miss most about Business Council and college in general?

The thing I will miss most is having friends around all the time. I’ll miss walking around campus and seeing familiar faces. All of my best friends in BC and I live ten minutes away from each other, so I’m going to miss that.

Is there anything you are nervous about moving into the real world?

The biggest thing I’m worried about is starting off on the right foot and making sure that I make strong first impressions. I worked there last summer, but now I am working under completely different people. I want to be successful my first year to help myself in the future.

What advice would you give to younger students?

Just do it. So many times in college, I wasn’t sure if I should go for a position or have time for certain things, don’t ever let self doubt hold you back. There were so many times where I didn’t think I would get into BC or get a project management position in my consulting organization, but it works out. Put yourself out there and never let self doubt hold you back.

Where Are You Going Wednesday: Tony Cantieri

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