Fall 2016

Drew Danko: The New Member Experience

Friday, September 30, 2016

In the many clubs I have been involved with before, it takes time to build relationships, grow close with each other, and feel truly comfortable to be myself with a group of people. However, as I nervously walked into my new member mom’s apartment for our family’s first breakfast together (the first time in what felt like years I was going to a Business Council (BC) event not in some form of business attire), I could see that I had found a home away from home within BC.

The entire new member day celebration was an awesome, overwhelming experience that showed me I have joined an organization filled with over 100 other driven, successful individuals who want to get to know me and motivate me to succeed. Running into a lecture hall at Gregory Hall with all of the active members cheering us on was the best way to be welcomed into our first all-council meeting. From the very beginning, we were given numerous opportunities like grill outs, volleyball games, and the new member retreat to bond with each other and grow closer. If carrying a large canoe up a wet, muddy hill or pitching tents in the woods doesn’t make you closer to someone, I’m not sure what does.  

Business Council provides avenues and activities that can satisfy anyone’s interests - there is something for everyone to get involved with. During high school, I was involved with business organizations, community service organizations, and social organizations. BC encompasses all of these different activities and allows you to become involved with any and all of the three pillars: service, professionalism, and social.

As great as all of the professional development and new member workshops have been, the thing that I am looking forward to even more within BC is building lasting relationships with my fellow members. I am happy to be meeting the people I’ll be spending late nights at BIF with, hanging out on the weekends, and growing closer to for the next four years.

Drew Danko is one of our new member from Fall 2016, who is also in the Publications Committee! Stay tuned to hear more of Drew's thoughts and stories!

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