Spring 2016

Member Spotlight #5

May 01, 2016

We are excited to feature Brandon Bencko, also known as "BC Dad" in our final Active Member Spotlight video! Brandon has been in BC since Fall 2012, and has been a General Meeting Speaker Coordinator, the first Corporate Partnership chair, as well as VP External. His hobbies include studying for the CPA, playing golf, and watching the TV show "Suits!" Check out his full interview in the video below! We would also like to thank Publications Committee member Michael for producing this video!

Member Spotlight #4

April 04, 2016

This week, we are featuring Anton Kullikov, a Freshman in BC who already has impressive accomplishments, such as being a course assistant for ECON 203 and being a Margolis Market Information Lab Fellow. Check out his full interview in the video below! We would also like to thank Publications Committee member Michael for producing this video!

Study Abroad: Bocconi University - Olivia Bounadere

April 03, 2016

“Part of the fun of being abroad is not knowing how things will pan out and being a little more adventurous.”

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Honestly, it is SO hard to pick a "favorite" trip because each one is different in its own way. So far I've been to Venice, Verona, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Stockholm, and Copenhagen and I have plans to travel to Switzerland, Paris, Vienna, Germany, and the Amalfi Coast. Prague was probably the most picturesque city I've been to; I felt like I was living in a storybook solely because the views were spectacular and the buildings were so ornate. Every time I go somewhere, I claim that it's the best trip yet - until my next adventure. Each country is a new experience with amazing architecture to admire, food to eat, and people to be around. My friends make fun of me because every time we go somewhere new, I can't help but look around and say "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh it's soooo pretty" as I snap pictures left and right.

I will say that Dublin was one of my favorites thus far solely because it was a time for all of the BC-Abroad folks to be together in one place for an entire weekend. It was great catching up and sharing what our experiences have been like so far.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
Staying connected with everyone at home has been both easy and a challenge. I came abroad without having purchased an international phone plan because I planned on using free Wifi from public places and pre-loaded maps to navigate myself. I didn't mind not having a phone plan because countless people told me it was very easy to get by with free Wifi in public places. Also, part of me wanted to disconnect from the constant use of social media and just enjoy the abroad experience. However, I quickly came to realize how limited the public Wifi is in Italy. Our residence building has no Wifi, so we have to connect our computers with an Ethernet cable and use hotspot in order to use our phones. The only places I really have Wifi are at school and the airports...Thankfully, the friends I travel with have data plans so that we can utilize Google Maps.

That being said, when I do have Wifi, I stay connected to my friends and family via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Facetime. Though the time difference can be hard to keep communication going, a quick hello or update on life back home is better than not keeping in touch at all! We also have a BC study abroad Facebook page where we communicate about what trips we are taking so that we can coordinate and meet up when possible. I've LOVED meeting up with the BC crew whenever possible!

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
One of my concerns coming abroad was adjusting to the European lifestyle and being 100% on my own. Sure, college prepared me for living on my own away from home, but there was always that comfort of knowing I was only 2.5 hours away. Now, my family is miles away across the world and communication is not as frequent. When I got here, everything was so new - different language, different environment, different people, different stores, etc. As each day went by though, we slowly started to figure things out from how to use the public transportation systems, to communicating with locals, to where to get the necessities for our apartment. There was a lot of trial and error in figuring things out, but not knowing everything was part of the fun - it made for an adventure. Now that I've been here for over a month, I feel like I've become a lot more independent (those who are the babies of the family like me can understand this!); I can navigate through any airport, read a physical map, and not freak out when one little thing doesn't go according to plan.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
Packing was very difficult for me because I was only able to bring one suitcase, but honestly I've been able to get by on the small amount that I brought. You'll find that you really don't need all the "extras" you're used to and that you can buy pretty much anything you forget once you're abroad (although some hygiene/beauty products are hard to come by).

As far as planning trips go, I made a personal list of where I wanted to go before coming to Italy, but I did not book anything until I was actually here. Once we met people in our program and got to know each other a little more, we all say down with a Google Spreadsheet and listed out each weekend of the semester. We decided where we wanted to go and when and proceeded to have little booking parties in each others' rooms. Sometimes plans differ so our travel groups vary, but I can always count on traveling with at least a few friends. My mindset changed since being abroad also. I always like to have everything planned out ahead of time as much as possible, but being abroad has taught me how to be a little more " go with the flow." Part of the fun of being abroad is not knowing how things will pan out and being a little more adventurous. Maybe my proudest "adventurous" moment was not booking a place to stay in Copenhagen until the night before we left (I was only slightly freaking out, but again it all worked out, haha).

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
One of my favorite memories is the experience we had with our tour guide in Prague. We signed up for a free walking tour of the city in the morning followed by a castle tour later that afternoon. When we arrived at the meeting point, we met our guide, David. He gave us a background on his experiences traveling the world and doing several runs across Europe and the US for months at a time all while raising money for charity. When we were walking from place to place throughout the tour, he took an interest in getting to know all of us and what our personal backgrounds were. When the morning tour was over and it was time to part ways, we discovered that he was going to be our tour guide for the castle tour later that afternoon. When he realized we would be going on it, he invited us to lunch with him at one of his favorite restaurants. We continued to spend the rest of the afternoon with him and when the day was over, he gave us his contact information to keep in touch and recommendations to his favorite places for the remainder of our time in Prague. Overall, it was awesome that we got to connect with a local rom Europe and I can honestly say that he singlehandedly made me fall in love with Prague. If I could go back tomorrow, I would!

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
Soak in the experiences! When I first got to Italy, the days felt so long and the weeks went by slowly since we were trying to get used to everything. Now that we have settled in, I feel like each day and week is in super speed and there is no sign of it slowing down. On every trip I take, I try to think about how amazing it is that I have the opportunity to see the world for 4 months of my life. I take as many pictures as I can so that I can look back and remember each trip; I've invested a lot of time into my blog which serves as a personal journal to me.

Study Abroad: Stockholm University School of Business - Kieran Hampl

April 02, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Dublin was awesome catching up with the BC gang but because I'm sure that will be a popular answer I will say Oslo, Norway for the X Games.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
I've stayed in contact with people via Whatsapp and Lucy hits me up with updates about all of the new members.

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
Missing my friends.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
Go some place different, not just where your friends went and said was awesome.

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
On one of the first weeks of my time abroad, I had a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark at 7 in the morning. Some of my buddies and I went out to this awesome club at the Opera House and left at 3:30 AM, got our bags and went to the bus. Because we got there a bit early, we all slept outside central station in 20 degree weather on the ground.

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
You become so much more aware of other cultures and meet so many amazing people that completely open up your mind to others' views. Do it y'all!

Study Abroad: Otto Beisheim School of Management - Liam Murray

April 01, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Most memorable trip so far was going skiing in the Alps in southern Germany. It was also the highest point in Germany, which is pretty cool. I did this trip on my own, so it was a great experience and learning opportunity. Also, one of my funniest stories from abroad comes from this trip and involves me running 20 mins in the rain/snow in just socks, tights, and a big winter coat across a field, through a town, and into a train station. For the full story, ask me when I return and I will love to share it.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
I have been trying to just randomly reach out to people whenever I have the chance, and I FaceTime with my parents weekly. Also, I have been lucky enough to FaceTime with the famous Anan. I would love to see all your other beautiful faces, as well, so next time you are sitting in the BIF working hard... give me a call!

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
There were a lot of concerns I had before I left and especially when I got here. Moving to a different country for a few months definitely isn't easy. Just know that things will work out. Talk to as many people about their experiences and struggles before you go!

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
I have two tips:

  1. Going into your abroad experience, think about what you want you want from it. This will change throughout your time (I am still figuring this out), but it is good to have goals in mind. It's great to say "yes" to random adventures abroad, but remember to also stay grounded in your goals and who you are.
  2. Journal and write down your goals, thoughts, stories, and whatever else you want!

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
Learning to be yourself has been one of my biggest takeaways from abroad so far. I have never learned and grown so much in myself, in my faith, and in maturity.

Study Abroad: University College of Dublin - Katie Benson

March 31, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Brussels, Belgium. Everywhere else I have been other than Brussels has been very planned out and I knew exactly what to expect. I knew the tourist-y sights to see, and the other places seemed very 'Americanized'. Brussels was completely different. It was a very distinct culture, and we just wandered around and enjoyed the city. (P.S. The waffles are to die for.)

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
Text, Snapchat, Skype, random FaceTime calls at odd times during the day when I get reminded of something from home (i.e. Ankit and I FaceTimed all of BC during Retreat!)

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
Where am I going to get peanut butter? (Amazon UK ships it to Dublin for 10 euros so it's okay). Other than that, my only concern was becoming friends with the people in my program because I didn't know most of them, but we all became buds very quickly.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?

Before you go abroad, email me so I can send you my complete packing list. No joke. I have a four page list with everything you might need, and so far, I haven't forgotten anything.

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
Travel with your friends! Serena, Ankit, Blaze, Olivia, Ashley Simon and I had an amazing time exploring Barcelona a couple of weeks ago! Then Unofficial was a blast but I'm unsure how appropriate that story is.

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
Studying abroad is your one time to be selfish in your life. Take that time away from all the responsibilities of school and organizations to do exactly what you want to do. You will learn so much about yourself. Take the trips you want. Take the classes you want. Say yes to every opportunity that presents itself and let yourself grow.

Study Abroad: Bocconi University - Alexandra Blaze

March 30, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Memorable would have to be Prague. It was the most beautiful city I have ever been on. We had this super cool tour guide named Czech David who took us on the walking tour, out to lunch and then to the castle tour.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
The time change definitely causes some challenges, but I have been able to text and Facebook message friends back home. I think it's really important to call your parents and siblings often, because they probably worry about you all the time, and then friends every once in awhile to check in.

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
I know it sounds so cheesy, but going abroad is a huge jump outside of your comfort zone. You're leaving behind a good chunk of your friends, your family, your pets, your school, and your manicurist (the most tragic). You are going to make friends abroad and the world is going to keep on spinning regardless of where you are in it. Then you get home and life pretty much picks up right where it left off.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
Talk to people that also went to your program and see if their country is lacking certain necessities. For example, in Italy it is hard to find normal ziplock bags so I brought a ton. I would also make sure to start thinking about packing far before you actually need to pack. It's amazing that once you start the packing process you realize you need to buy shoes/clothes, or stuff from Target. Also, if you have any prescription medications you need to allow enough time to get clearance from your Dr. and insurance to get over a month's supply. Also, the most important thing is: get it out of your head that Europe is warm. I made the mistake of thinking that I wouldn't need too many winter accessories. Yes it's warmer than Champaign, but you still need a winter coat, hat, and gloves.

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
We went to Carnival in Venice. It is this awesome festival where people dress up in elaborate outfits, almost like Halloween. Everything is decorated and it is beautiful. Well, we didn't book our lodgings until it was too late, so the only affordable place we could find was called "Camp Jolly" and it was a trailer park. So for two nights, I slept in a tiny trailer with three really tall girls. It was so crazy, but also so funny.

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
My biggest takeaway is that there are going to be times where things don't go as planned. Just take everything one step at a time and take a lot of deep breaths. Study abroad is one of the best experiences of my life, but there are going to be times where you are stressed, irritated, tired, hungry, or all four and you just need to start laughing; odds are this will be funny later. Maybe not now, but later. As long as nobody is dying it's okay. Everyone in my program laughs at me when I say this, but I always say, "It's literally fine"... and it really is.

Study Abroad: University College of Dublin - Connor Siegel

March 29, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
I've been lucky to travel to several countries, but my most fond memories have been from adventures here in Ireland. I think it doesn't get any better than learning a feel for my 'home country' while making really close friends. To peg a specific trip as my favorite, I'd say that seeing the countryside in Belfast and the breathtaking views of the Irish Sea definitely holds a top spot on my list.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?
It's really easy with Facebook/Insta/Snapchat, but there is great value in gaining a bit of independence and making the experiences right in front of you an immediate priority. Our study abroad Facebook group helped coordinate an incredible weekend in Dublin and has been a great way to share stories.

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?
I was worried about not knowing where to go and what to do, but I've learned that being uncomfortable in those types of situations is where a lot of personal growth takes place. Other than that, I was a lot more excited than concerned.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
Definitely bring durable walking shoes and a travel backpack for weekend trips. Don't bring too many clothes with you because you'll end up with a huge pile of dirty laundry. Also, school supplies (you do have to study on occasion) tend to be expensive abroad, so bring a notebook and pen.

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
Unofficial was legendary if you consider legal and appropriate the same thing.

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
A positive mindset makes anything better and never stop exploring.

Study Abroad: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Andrew Michelotti

March 28, 2016

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on so far?
Our first trip as an entire program to Saalbach Hinterglem for Ski Week was unbelievable! I had never been skiing outside of the midwest before so the opportunity to alpine ski in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been with a large group of new friends was wild. Happy to say I returned with no broken bones and one credit hour earned. Without exaggeration I can honestly say it was the most fun week of my life.

How have you been able to stay connected to friends and family (and BC!) back home?

I got a cell phone plan with T-Mobile that has allowed me to have unlimited texting in every European country and 20 cent per minute calls. WhatsApp, Viber and FaceTime Audio are all free and are great means to stay in contact as long as you have wifi. Mom and Dad appreciate the occasional Skype or FaceTime call as well of course!

What were some concerns you had before leaving the States?

I was definitely concerned about how I was going to function living in an apartment for the first time in a foreign country with a lot of cultural differences. Things such as European style grocery shopping, proper luggage for traveling, how I was going to manage my finances and personal expenses, in addition to blending in with the group I was studying with and figuring out a whole new college were all valid concerns before leaving. For a guy who had never cooked a meal on his own or been outside the USA before this semester I'd say it all works out. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and mistakes by researching and planning in advance but at the end of the day there will still be aspects that surprise you and the adventure of figuring it out is part of the experience.

Any tips for people considering going abroad?
If you can fit a semester abroad into your four year plan, you got to go! If you can't do a short term summer or winter trip. Seeing the world will always be an incredible experience and college study abroad is a unique opportunity at a unique time in our lives that'll never come back. You do not want to be graduating from U of I with regrets that you didn't study abroad in some way shape or form.

In terms of my tips for abroad, the 5 best purchases I made (in no particular order) have proven to be:

  1. Osprey 46 liter travel backpack. I've been able to pack for an eight day trip in this beast of a bag. REI is the place to go to get a quality travel backpack
  2. A powerful external charger to keep my phone and GoPro going while on the road
  3. A GoPro for high definition photos, videos, time lapses, panoramas and other shenanigans.
  4. T-Mobile cell phone coverage. Relatively cheap coverage for every European country in their international plan is tough to beat.
  5. A quality pair of boots. Boots are the most versatile footwear for when you can only pack one pair of shoes for a trip. You can wear them out, hike in them, walk miles around cities, get them wet and basically anything else you desire.

Any fun (and appropriate) stories?
In Poland I did a five hour hike to Morskie Oko and back in Tetra National Park with one of my friends. It was a fantastic hike but we mistimed when the sun would be setting and had to hike for an hour and a half down a snowy and icy mountain in the pitch black with only our iPhone camera lights to guide us on the path. The trail had all these signs to beware of avalanches, loose rock, extreme weather conditions, wild animal attacks, snake bites and lightning strikes. Needless to say, it was terrifying and an adventure I'll never forget.

What is the biggest takeaway from your study abroad experience?
Studying abroad has ignited my motivation to see as much of the world as possible. It's allowed me to learn to be comfortable being in uncomfortable and new situations.

Member Spotlight #3

March 13, 2016

This week, we are featuring Josh Wolken, a Masters of Accountancy student who has been in Business Council for the past five years. He has had various leadership positions within BC and has been a mentor to underclassmen and upperclassmen alike. Check out his full interview in the video below! We would also like to thank Publications Committee member Michael for producing this video!

February Faculty Appreciation Award: Professor Eric Larson

March 02, 2016

Business Council is proud to announce the recipient of its February Faculty Appreciation Award, Professor Eric Larson! Jake Flannigan, a senior member of Business Council, nominated Professor Larson for the award. "During BADM351, Professor Larson constantly went out of his way to ensure great class participation. I have never had such an involved teacher who took the time to get to know each and every student. Could not recommend this course or him as a professor enough." As a new monthly tradition, Business Council will be nominating faculty members from across the College of Business for this award, so stayed tuned till the end of March when we award this month’s Faculty Appreciation Award!

Member Spotlight #2

February 28, 2016

This week, we are excited to present our second member spotlight video, featuring Charlotte Wood! A common theme throughout the video stems from Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," as Charlotte chose to pursue her passion in the fashion industry rather than following the typical career path that College of Business students choose. She created opportunities for herself when she saw that such opportunities were not available at U of I as she began to plan for her career. Check out her story below, and thanks again to Michael and Joe for producing this awesome video!

A Week of Firsts

February 23, 2016

The week of February 14, AKA the week immediately following the AWESOME New Member Retreat, was filled with many ‘firsts’ of this semester. Many memories and friendships were created and strengthened over the past seven days, so here is a quick recap to celebrate an awesome BC week!

Networking Across Campus: Illinois Student Senate

This past Tuesday, Business Council invited the Illinois Student Senate to come and speak to us about their involvement on campus! The event was run by Ron Lewis, a Fall 2013 New Member and current candidate for Student Senate President, who explained the impact that he’s making on campus through the Student Senate, and how anyone can make a difference with just a single vote. Ron stated, “I’ve always wanted to bridge the connection between BC and Student Senate, and I’m glad that I was able to do that through this event!” BC members saw the value in becoming more aware of what’s going on outside of BIF, as Matt Kelly, Mentorship Co-Coordinator mentioned, “getting to see the student president of our campus in person was an awesome experience as a freshman.” Remember your civic duty, BC, and register to vote (both for the Student Senate election, as well as for the 2016 Presidential Election)!

Mentorship: The First Edition

Many Mentorship pairs attended the Mock Interview event held by the Professional Development committee and were able to not only brush up on their behavioral interview skills, but also bond with each other in the process! It kicked off the semester-long competition to earn the unofficial recognition of being the “Top Mentorship Pair” and it ignited the competitive edge in every pair to hopefully emerge as the winner at the end of this semester’s Mentorship program. Our VP Finance, Zack Furlett, was heard saying that he and his mentee, Hannah Song (Publications Co-Chair), will undoubtedly be the recipients of this most-coveted title! Watch out, Mentorship! The competition is on.

Business Council Athletics: Part 1, Wallyball

Business Council members assembled into their BCAA teams this past week in a friendly game of Walleyball. It is a staple BCAA event that all BC members, regardless of their athletic skill levels, have always enjoyed. “The less coordinated, the more fun and dangerous it is,” mentions Mitch Lomazov, a Spring 16 New Member. Kaylee Bastien, who is in the same New Member class as Mitch, also loved the event, and exclaimed “it was a nice study break [from midterms] to de-stress and dominate the court with my team!” It seems that Mentorship is not the only program with fierce competition, as Kaylee added how the ‘Red Lions’ (one of BC’s 4 teams) had the biggest attendance by far and “were definitely showing everyone how it’s done.” As a hint about the next event in the semester-long BCAA tournament, BCAA Co-Coordinator Joey King mentioned that everyone must “come out to BCAA to [the next Internal Engagement event] to show off their expert bartering skills and maybe even get some awesome new stuff!” BCAA has an exciting semester ahead - be sure to support your team to be the next BCAA champions!

BC Foodies: Black Dog Edition

The Internal Engagement Committee kicked-off its first Food Series event with a trip to Black Dog at the new Champaign location! Black Dog, a Business Council favorite, was the perfect way to gather 20 foodies for an evening of delectable barbeque and priceless bonding! As Jake Graham, a Spring 16 New Member put it, the experience was “doggone delicious!” Our IE chair, Jason Sweetwood, also added that “Black Dog was scrumpdidliumptious.” You heard it here first, folks! The Food Series is off to a fabulous success - you definitely do not want to miss out on BC’s next food adventure!

Fundraising Our Way to Find a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

The Charity Fundraising Committee started the semester off strong, raising over $375 in one week through their annual Valentine’s Grams initiative. They continued to get the Council excited about fundraising for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society this past Friday, hosting their first committee event that harmoniously meshed BC’s philanthropic and social pillars together and raised over $150! Thanks to everyone who came to support the CF committee, and keep up the fantastic work, Layne and Jimmy!

Be on the look-out for more innovative and engaging events to be held in the near future!

Member Spotlight #1

February 15, 2016

We are excited to kick off our Member Spotlight series with Srini Srikumar! Michael Rivera and Joe Lin put in a lot of hard work to produce this video - check it out below! Thanks Srini for sharing your wisdom with Business Council!

Welcome Back!

February 15, 2016

Welcome back, Business Council, to another wonderful semester of professional development, philanthropic adventures, and all-around fun times!

Here’s a recap of some awesome things that happened between the start of winter break and the beginning of the new semester:

New Leadership. Last semester ended on a strong note as we transitioned into our new executive board. Elections yielded a win for Anthony Cantieri as our new president, and soon after, we sadly said goodbye to Joel Hood, Patrick Kandalepas, Deborah Scheele, Saajan Patel, Filip Bojanic, and Olivia Bounadere and welcomed Maggie Condon, Emily Rock, Zack Furlett, Meagan Williams, and Kayla Maxson to lead BC into another successful year. BC also welcomed in new groups of chairs and coordinators, ensuring an exciting semester filled with innovative events and new memories.

Bonding in Downtown Chicago. The new Exec started their year on an exciting note by organizing a get-together event during winter break in downtown Chicago. BC members in the Chicago-area spent an afternoon skating at Millennium Park, followed by dinner at Portillo’s!


Busy recruitment preparations. Recruitment for the Spring 2016 New Member class began as soon as finals ended, with the Recruitment Chairs, Technology Chairs, and Publications Chairs working behind the scenes with the Exec to ensure that the recruitment process would run as smoothly and as successfully as possible. Some of their efforts included: completely revamping the BC website and the Info Night brochure, creating original social media marketing materials, and producing the awesome videos that were played at Info Night. The entire Council contributed to the recruitment process, whether it was by changing their Facebook profile pictures, or mingling with candidates at Info Night, Social Night, and Pre-Night. It was joint effort that proved to have successful results!

Chair Retreat. Our new chairs and Exec board kicked off the semester on a strong note, with through-the-roof enthusiasm all around at the Chair Retreat. It provided an opportunity for everyone to understand the logistics of upcoming interviews and deliberations as well as to bond as a group. Chair retreat confirmed that this group of leaders not only works well together, but is also is very passionate about serving the Council.



A successful recruitment of our Spring 2016 New Member class! We are so unbelievably excited to welcome our Spring 2016 New Member class into the BC family! We received over 270 applications, and after a rigorous and competitive recruitment process, BC is proud to introduce the new additions to our family (look out for a future blog post that features each of them)! Each member had proved to be incredibly qualified and genuinely passionate about Business Council in its entirety. New Members of Spring 2016, we are proud you chose our family away from home. This is the start to an awesome journey that will not only help you grow as an individual, but also will give you memories that you will undoubtedly cherish forever. Take advantage of the many different opportunities that Business Council has to offer, and always remember the passion that you’ve had for BC ever since sitting in Wohlers for Info Night 🙂

Welcome New Members, welcome chairs, coordinators, & Exec, and welcome Business Council to a promising Spring 2016 semester!