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Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 8)

Why did you decide to join BC?

Daniel: I am interested in transferring into the College of Business and I wanted join something that would bring me closer to the college. At the same time, I wanted to enjoy myself while being involved in the Illinois community.  

Jassiem: During our Business Honors Seminar, all of the business fraternities and Business Council came to present to us and I knew BC would be the right fit for me. It seemed the most professional, but at the same time it had a lot of social and service events which was important to me.

Jenn: After transferring into the College of Business, I wanted to get to know more business students to show me the ropes of the business school and figure out which classes to take.

What has been your favorite moment of BC so far?

Daniel: My favorite moment of BC was the celebration where everyone was cheering for us on our first day as new members.

Jassiem: My favorite moment was the first day, which was jam-packed with activities. The minute I got my call from Tony, then I got walked to our new member breakfast by Anan, and the barbeque later that day.

Jenn: Walking into the first day event and have everyone chant “Fall ‘16”, that’s when I knew I wanted to be in Business Council.

What are you studying and why?

Daniel: I am looking to transfer into the College of Business and hopefully major in marketing and management. I like being able to work with people, help people, and meet with people and I feel like I would be able to do that in a professional setting as a career by going into marketing and management.

Jassiem: I am not sure what I am going to study yet, I am thinking about accounting and IS/IT, but I am also interested in marketing.

Jenn: I am studying supply chain management and IS/IT because I want to go into consulting.

What else are you involved with on campus?

Daniel: I am involved with Minority Business Student Association and Covenant Fellowship Church. I am also interested in joining Relay for Life next semester.

Jassiem: I am involved with Enactus on a project called “en-ABLE-ling Entrepreneurs” which helps people with disabilities start businesses. I am also involved with Mixed Student Union.

Jenn: I am a tour guide for the university, Illinois Business Consulting, and I am on the executive board for my social sorority.

What are you looking forward to within BC?

Daniel: I am looking forward to establishing a name for myself throughout the next few semesters and being able to gain a leadership position.

Jassiem: I am looking forward to building my network, having fun and developing as a young professional, and getting involved.

Jenn: I am looking forward to getting more involved next semester when I have more time to go to events and I am looking forward to meeting new members.

Drew Danko: New Member Monday (Week 8)

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