2022 Executive Board

2022 Business Council Executive Board

2022 Executive Board

Jack Kelleher – President

Jack Kelleher, our 2022 President, is a Marketing & Supply Chain Management major from Chicago. Jack is extremely passionate movies, music and of course, Business Council! He says “My favorite part about BC is the family environment that it cultivates. As soon as you’re a New Member, active members take the time to invest in you and support you in every part of your life. The energy that I felt on New Member Day was unforgettable and that couldn’t have happened without the amazing people in this organization. If I ever need help with anything in my life, professional or otherwise, I know that a BC member is just a call away. In this community, there will always be someone to help you with your weaknesses and amplify your strengths.”

Evelyn Demsher – Internal Vice President

Evelyn Demsher, our Internal Vice President, is a Marketing & Information Systems major from Wheaton, Illinois. She loves spending her time reading, listening to music or traveling. Evelyn says “When I graduate and look back at my college experience, Business Council will be at the forefront of all of my memories. This family on campus has not only provided me with endless opportunities to grow professionally and personally, but has truly provided me with some of the best people I will ever meet that make the University of Illinois feel like home. I have BC to thank for all the accomplishments and advice I have gained and would not be close to where I am today without it and its incredible people. I am forever grateful for the BC Family, older members and alumni, and my Fall ‘21 kiddos who have pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I hope to do the same for other members.”

Saaksh Kottige – Vice President of Communications

Saakshitha Kottige, Our Vice President of Communications, is a Supply Chain Management & Information Systems major from Bangalore, India. She loves spending her time baking, watching sitcoms and traveling. Saakshitha says “Business Council has helped me grow in college more than I could have ever imagined. Being surrounded by such extraordinary and selfless individuals has pushed me to always try and be the best version of myself. Business Council is truly a place for everyone, you can make best friends who are so different from you and attend events that feel perfectly designed for you. I credit all my college professional achievements to the mentorship that BC has provided me with and the members who have led me to where I am today. Joining BC means instantly finding a family of 103 members on campus, who will be there for you during your good days and bad!”

Anna Knutson – Vice President of Operations

Anna Knutson, our Vice President of Operations, is an Accountancy & Information Systems major from Batavia, Illinois. She’s extremely passionate about running, waterskiing and dancing. Anna says “The experience I have had in Business Council the past few years has given me the courage to overcome any challenge I encounter. The people in this organization have encouraged my personal and professional growth through the incredibly supportive culture that every single BC member contributes to. BC has given me not only the memories at the core of my college experience, but also the people. When I look back at my favorite memories over the past few years, BC people have been a part of almost every single one.”

Aryaman Sheth – Vice President of Finance

Aryaman Sheth, our Vice President of Finance, is a Finance & Entrepreneurship major from Mumbai, India. His biggest interests are wildlife, soccer, traveling & Formula 1. Aryaman says “The professional, career, and personal growth opportunities aside, Business Council has provided me with an amazing group of individuals I can call family. Living thousands of miles away from home Business Council provided me with the environment and community I needed to not only continue my growth but, to remain happy and positive even when I was missing home in the middle of the pandemic. Countless long walks, ‘study’ sessions, and heart to heart conversations outside of Business Council events but, with the BC family are some of the things that I will always cherish and look forward to.”

Jason Liu – External Vice President

Jason Liu, our External Vice President, is an Accountancy major from Hinsdale, Illinois. Some of his interests are music, social justice and health & fitness. Jason says “Business Council has provided me a home away from home where diverse individuals come together as one big supportive family. I have learned so much more about myself and the world around me through my interactions with BC members where I am fortunate to call BC my forever family.”