Spring 2023 Coordinators


Our Apparel Coordinator builds the Business Council brand around campus by designing merchandise for members every semester. They work with a custom design company to get this merchandise produced and in the hands of council members.

Angel Nasanbuyan
Elizabeth Anderson


BCAA Coordinators organize the councils intramural sports by organizing and coaching the teams for their weekly games. They poll members interest each semester in order to decide which sports to partake in. In the fall, they also coordinate practices for the Annual All Business Fraternity Biz Bowl.

Chris Lynn
Diya Moore


Our Impact Day Coordinators are responsible for planning the Annual Business Council day of service with our partners and The Gies College of Business. They coordinate with local organizations to plan volunteering opportunities, designing a custom apparel for the event and take care of any other logistics related to the day.

Yash Singh
Anika Reddy


Family Coordinators are in charge of maintaining the family system of Business Council. This includes, helping New Member Parents and the Executive Board pair New Members with existing Business Council families, modifying requirements these families are expected to meet, and developing events families can attend together.

Joey Schultz
Aubrey Collins


Our CBDC Coordinators are in charge of planning the annual College of Business Dance Competition organized to raise money for a selected non-profit organization chosen by Business Council members. They are in charge of planning the logistics for the competition, coordinating with other organizations competing, and planning rehearsal sessions for the Business Council’s team.

Moira Friant
Ryan Whelton


Our Wellness coordinators host events focusing on physical, mental, social health, and overall wellness. Some of the events our wellness coordinators host are exercise classes at the ARC, step competitions, self care Sundays, hosting external wellness speakers, cooking classes, and more! Business Council makes sure every member has the resources they need to live out their own definitions of health and wellness.

Sri Nithya Yeragorla
Anjali Dayama

A Mother’s TOUCH

AMT Coordinators organize the Business Council Mom’s weekend. They design gift baskets for the council members to present to their mothers, find a location to host the special brunch, and work with the location to organize food and refreshments. They also strive to plan some special activities for our moms each year.

Ryan Buschue
Hannah Blanchette