Fall 2022 Chairs


Alumni focuses on maintaining strong relations between members of the council and Business Council’s vast alumni network. They hold multiple events with alumni speakers, plan the annual Alumni Tailgate for Homecoming weekend, and pair New Members with Alumni mentors.

Kaitlyn Dunn
Jason Lagvankar

Charity Fundraising

Charity Fundraising focuses on raising donations throughout the course of the semester for the Council’s charity of choice. Each semester, a new charity is voted on, often one holding a special meaning to a member of Business Council.

Karolina Rozanski
Gabrielle Sullivan

College Relations

College Relations helps to maintain and develop the strong relationship between Business Council and the Gies College of Business. Some of our staple events include Dinner with the Deans and speaker series with professors who give talks on a variety of topics.

Serena Salvato
Ratan Pedamallu

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership connects Business Council’s Corporate Partners with our members and helps them to pursue their career goals. Members can network with our Corporate Partners through casual events like trivia nights, interactive presentations, and sporting events.

Samir Sheikh
Sander Brissman

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is dedicated to ensuring that members of BC are provided with tools and support in efforts to increase equity as well as bringing education to the council and its individual members about how we can all celebrate diversity and promote an inclusive environment. DEI hosts educational workshops on these topics, often bringing in outside experts on the subject matter.

Karizma Bodhanwala
Roshan Bhagwakar

External Affairs

External Affairs helps engage the Council with different organizations across University of Illinois’ campus. Events like Cubs Games, sports competitions, and volunteering at the Illinois Marathon Hydration Station allows Council members to build connections with students outside of Business Council and help widen our presence within the Gies and Illinois community.

Katelyn Skibinski
Griffin Gresge

Internal Engagement

Internal Engagement allows Council members to build personal relationships in a more casual setting.  Visits to Jarling’s Custard Cup, Curtis Apple Orchard, and Kickapoo State Park are a few of the different events that help build the family atmosphere of Business Council.

Shriya Srikanth
Marlo Lindquist

New Members

New Member oversees the newest class of members in Business Council and helps them acclimate to the Council during their New Member semester. This chair position leads weekly meetings, bonding events, and fosters relationships within the class and Council as a whole.

Jake Holecek
Madison Glass


Philanthropy provides service opportunities for members to help on campus and the greater Champaign-Urbana community. Business Council members help those in need through organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Clarke-Lindsey Retirement Village, and Hope Center Food Pantry.

Anita Borawski
Sean Laherty

Professional Development

Professional Development develops professional skills and growth for every member of the Council, no matter what their age. Through events such as mock interviews, resume critiques, and professional panels, Professional Development aims to develop organic relationships between Council members and set members up for success in their future careers.

Becca Birch
Shaunak Fadnis


Recruitment facilitates the recruitment process from Info Night to New Member Day to help recruit the best and brightest from the University of Illinois campus. Throughout the semester, they uphold the brand image of Business Council by maintaining the social media accounts.

Kamila Trela
Sarthak Singh


Social creates a fun and inviting atmosphere that helps Council members build strong friendships and relationships. Social plans Barn Dances and Semi Formals as well as other social gatherings to get closer with their Business Council family.

Ally Lacy
Sharad Doshi


Technology keeps the Council updated on the latest technology trends and how they are reshaping the business world. Through events like Tech Corners, Tableau Workshops, and visits to virtual reality workshops on campus, Council members gain exposure to the rapid changes in the Technology field.

Justin Holding
Paul Raducha