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Study Abroad Sunday: Kevin McMahon

By Brigid McCann

1) Why did you decide to study abroad in Vienna, Austria?
The reason that I chose to study abroad in Vienna was that I knew it would have a much different culture than anywhere I had been before. Also, I knew that there was a large U of I group that would also be in Vienna, and I liked the idea of being in a big program. Lastly, the Vienna program goes skiing for a week which was a great time!

2) What has been your most fun or interesting experience so far?

One of my favorite experiences abroad was hiking up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh for the sunrise. It was a grind getting to the top because it was so windy but we made it. It was great to do it with my two BC pals who were on the trip, Claire Skowron and Elisa Ambrose.

3) What is the most exotic food you have eaten?

The most exotic food that I’ve eaten wasn’t all that exotic it is more just a Vienna classic, the kebap. It’s like chicken sandwich with a bunch of different toppings and sauces on the top. They are delicious!

4) What is your favorite part of being abroad?

My favorite part about abroad is definitely all the different experiences you get to have while traveling. Traveling to each place is usually an adventure in itself and then getting to see different famous sites at all of the different cities have been a great time.

5) What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while abroad?

The biggest challenge about being away is the time difference between over here and at home. It’s tough to talk with my family during the week because I’m about 7 hours ahead over here. Also, the language barrier is tough in Vienna so I have basically resorted to just pointing at the things and praying the people understand me.

6) Do you have any funny stories from being abroad?

Well, the group I was traveling with was going from Belfast to Dublin and about 30 minutes before our train was supposed to leave, we found out that we weren’t actually taking a train, we actually had bus tickets. This led to the race of our lives from the train station to the bus station. It was pouring rain which made things even “funnier” but we made the bus just on time. Thankfully we all had a three hour bus ride to recover after that almost big mistake.

Study Abroad Sunday: Kevin McMahon

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