Sabrina DahlenAlumni & Fall 2018 New Member

Palo Alto, California

Favorite BC Memory: “Dublin, Ireland trip abroad with BC friends Julia Cox and Kyle Moukheiber

“Being an out of state student coming to UofI I wasn’t quite sure how I’d fit in until I found Business Council. I found my best friends, travel buddies, roommates and more through this organization and can’t thank my freshman year self enough for going for it!”

Kaden Kirby – Fall 2020 New Member

St. Charles, Illinois

Favorite BC Memory: “Fall 20 new member retreat at Kickapoo!

“The most common thing you’ll hear from members is the “BC family” and there’s a reason it’s so commonly used. BC is the most accepting, encouraging, and forward thinking group of people I have ever been a part of. They’ve given me multiple formal opportunities to improve my leadership, professional, and philanthropic skills, as well as informally help with courses or even just a smiling face you’ll see in BIF. Join BUSINESS COUNCIL!!!!! <3”

Kevin Gomez – Spring 2022 New Member

DeKalb, Illinois

Favorite BC Memory: “The end of the semester lock in with my new member class!”

“BC has given me way more than I would have ever imagined. It has allowed me to grow professionally while also giving me a family on campus. Coming from a close family back home and not knowing that many people on campus I was lost, so I took the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and join BC. It ended up being the best choice of my life as I was given a group that is by my side through everything! I will forever be thankful for what BC has given me!”

Megan Lacy – Alumni & Spring 2019 New Member

Barrington, Illinois

Favorite BC Memory: “Going to Florida for winter break with 10 of my best friends in BC!

“BC has given me a home away from home and friends I will cherish forever. The friends and relationships I’ve made in BC are lifelong. I have grown so much because of the support and love we have all given each other throughout my time in BC. I can confidently say that BC has been the biggest and most positive impact in my time at UIUC, and I don’t know where I would be without these amazing people!”

Kamila Trela – Fall 2021 New Member

Northbrook, Illinois

Favorite BC Memory: “BC Semi

“BC has impacted my life by introducing me to the most driven, inspiring, and inclusive people on campus! It has allowed me to develop professionally and given me mentors that have shared amazing advice with me. I have made some of my best college memories with members of BC- even though I have only been in it for a semester. I’m forever grateful for this organization!”