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Where are You Going Wednesday: Lucy Cai

By Drew Danko

1) Where are you working next year and what is your position?

I will be working at KPMG in the Deal Advisory practice.

2) What made you decide to work at KPMG?

I knew I wanted a job that focused a bit more on finance than accounting and transactions services has always interested me. I talked to KPMG at the spring career fair my sophomore year and clicked with the associates I talked to. I attended their Global Leadership Conference in Barcelona that summer, and I accepted my offer soon after. KPMG provided me with amazing opportunities to travel abroad and I knew they were invested in helping me learn.

3) What makes you most excited about working at KPMG?

All first year Deal Advisory associates at KPMG sit in a room that we call the “fishbowl”, because the walls are glass. I’m excited to be able to get to know my start class (most of whom I met during my internship) better. It helps knowing that if I have any questions I can just ask the people sitting next to me!

4) What has been your favorite moment of Business Council?

My favorite moment in Business Council was meeting all of the Spring ’16 new members (shout out!). I was really excited to be new member chair because my new member chairs meant a lot to my BC experience.

5) What is the best thing Business Council has given you?

I’m sure most people have the same answer as me, but definitely the friendships. It’s crazy how the people you meet in Business Council can be so similar to you but also have different personalities and interests. I know my BC friends are life long and graduation won’t change that!

6) What are you going to miss most about Business Council and college in general?

I’m going to miss being a 5-10 minute walk from everything. I can walk to a friend’s apartment, find food on Green Street, or hang out in the atrium after a short walk. If I was ever feeling lonely, I knew all I had to do was get out of my apartment and I’ll find something to do or somebody to hang out with.

7) Is there anything you are nervous about moving into the real world?

I’m most nervous about making an impact in the real world. In college, its easy to feel like you’re a part of a big bubble when you see the same people and go to the same places every day. In the real world there are so many opportunities to take and people to meet. I want to be able to take advantage of all of that and explore things I’m passionate about.

8) What advice would you give to younger students?

Don’t compare yourself to your friends. Just because they have a better grade, a more “prestigious” internship, or are involved with more RSOs, it doesn’t mean they’re better than you. It just means they’re different than you.


Where are You Going Wednesday: Lucy Cai

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