Illinois Business Council

“Where Success Comes Standard”

This embodies the fact that Business Council is a family of members that inspire one another to accomplish their goals and respective interpretations of success; regardless of where you strive to be as individuals, our organization will do its best to facilitate your journey.

Who we are

Business Council was created in 1973 as an organization dedicated to serving The Gies College of Business. Today, Business Council remains a large organization made up of undergraduate students from all majors and diverse backgrounds with an interest in business.

Business Council helps its members achieve their goals and build a lifetime network of some of the most accomplished, driven students on the University of Illinois campus. This is accomplished through events planned and executed by our Leadership Team and centered around our three fundamental organizational pillars: Professional, Service, and Social.

Jack Kelleher – 2022 Business Council President

President’s Welcome

As a freshman coming to the University of Illinois with few friends in my major, I was unsure where to go or what to do. After meeting some welcoming members of Business Council, I applied and was accepted during the first semester of my sophomore year. Joining this fantastic organization and family has changed my life and has given me the courage to pursue any opportunity that comes my way.

 As a New Member of BC, I was able to look up to our upperclassmen as mentors and learn how to be the best professional and person that I could be. Now that I am a junior myself, I look forward to giving back and continuing the cycle that Business Council facilitates. When meeting an alumni or older member in this organization, you will find not only a dependable mentor but a friend.

Through our day to day events under the professional, service, and social pillars, I’ve been able to experience a variety of what life has to offer with my favorite people in the world. Some of my favorite college memories come from events like going to the corn maze at Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch, ice skating in Chicago this December, or volunteering at Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club and seeing the impact that we make. Our calendar is filled to the brim with engaging activities every day of the week that will become unforgettable memories and bring you closer to the BC family.

Joining Business Council means joining an organization that is committed to investing in you. It surprised me at first the overwhelming support and love that I was shown in my first few weeks, when I was still getting to know everybody. The people in BC are some of my best friends, future roommates, and family on campus. These are the people that I go to to celebrate my successes and get over my failures. I could talk all day about the love I have for this organization and the people in it, but I encourage you all to attend as many events as you can during our recruitment process to see for yourself and learn what we’re all about.

Please feel free to email me or any other member of the executive board if you have any questions about our recruitment process or organization in general. Good luck to you, and we hope to see you in the coming weeks!


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