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Business Council is a large, diverse organization in the College of Business at the University of Illinois. It offers a variety of activities to students with an interest in business, ranging from resume writing workshops and peer advising to helping organize Commencement and the Career Fair. This is accomplished through the hard work of individual committees, with each committee planning and organizing its own respective events. Business Council members are able to attend and support the activities and events of other committees. All of our efforts fall under our three fundamental organizational pillars: Professional, Service, and Social. All members are accepted based on application and interview process. To join our organization, please check out our Recruitment page.
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Our Pillars


Business Council prides itself on giving back to the community through a variety of awareness and volunteer events, and also money-raising events for the recipient charity we vote on.


Business Council has members pursuing a wide range of degrees and therefore the Council takes an all-encompassing approach in order to advance one another’s professionalism.


Business Council is a family. Through the events we plan each semester our members form meaningful, lasting friendships that makes Business Council the organization that it is.


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