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Business Council is a family of members that inspire one another to accomplish their goals and respective interpretations of success. Regardless where you strive to be as an individual, our organization will do its best to facilitate your journey.

Who We Are

Business Council was created in 1973 as an organization dedicated to serving The Gies College of Business. Today, Business Council remains a large organization made up of undergraduate students from all majors and diverse backgrounds with an interest in business.

Business Council helps its members achieve their goals and build a lifetime network of some of the most accomplished, driven students on the University of Illinois campus. This is accomplished through events planned and executed by our Leadership Team and centered around our three fundamental organizational pillars: Professional, Service, and Social.

Gabrielle Sullivan – 2023 Business Council President

President’s Welcome

After hearing about Business Council from a friend during my freshman year, I decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and attend Info Night. I had very little professional experience, and had to hastily order a suit before the interview process began. I applied and was accepted in the spring semester of my freshman year. Joining BC has impacted me in more ways than I can count, and I am so grateful for the support that has allowed me to exceed my goals and aspirations.

My New Member Semester in BC allowed me to grow both as a professional and as a person. I leaned on my senior and alumni mentors, new member parents, and other upperclassmen to navigate future career plans and adjust to my new life at the University of Illinois. As an upperclassman now, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to give back to BC as a New Member Mom, mentor, and leader. Business Council truly encourages members to partake in a cycle of friendship, support, and mentorship.

Through our three pillars of professional, service, and social, Business Council provides a well-rounded and exciting college experience. Some of my favorite college memories include MC’ing the first ever BC spelling bee, teaching a financial literacy workshop at Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, and taking an annual ski trip to Breckenridge with all of my best friends. Our calendar is filled with activities every day of the week that will teach you something new and become core memories of your time with the BC family.

Joining Business Council means joining a community dedicated to supporting, pushing, and celebrating you through every moment. When I attended BC’s Info Night my freshman year, I was struck at how the love members had for each other radiated through my computer screen during a virtual semester. The people of Business Council are what made me choose to join this family, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Those same people are now my number one fans, best friends, future roommates, and my inspiration. There are truly no words to describe my love for this organization and these people, so I encourage you all to attend as many events as possible during our recruitment process to see why BC means so much to our members. 

Please feel free to email me or any other member of the executive board if you have any questions about our recruitment process or Business Council in general. Good luck to you, and we hope to see you soon!


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