recruitment timeline

Wednesday, September 8th
5:00 PM
Foellinger Auditorium

Info Night

Come out to meet our family and learn about what makes BC so special.
attendance: highly encouraged
dress: business casual

Submit BC Application

To be considered for Business Council, we require you to submit an application in order to get to know you better.

Friday, September 10th
by 5:00 PM
Sunday, September 12th
3:30 PM
Joe’s Brewery

Social Night

This event provides you an opportunity to socialize with BC members in a casual social setting.
attendance: highly encouraged, upon request
dress: smart casual

First Round Interview

Upon receiving an interview, an email will be sent to candidates with all the details, including a sign up for your time slot and interview location.
dress: business casual

Tuesday, September 14th
4:00-11:00 PM

Friday, September 17th
2:00-10:00 PM

Final Round Interview

Similarly to First Round, these interviews will be set up via a sign-up sent through email.
dress: business professional

check our our fall 2021 recruitment videos!

Fall 2021 Hype Video
Fall 2021 Social Pillar Video
Fall 2021 Service Pillar Video
Fall 2021 Professional Pillar Video
Fall 2021 Alumni Speaker Video
Fall 2021 Charity Fundraising Video


How is BC different than a business fraternity?

Business Council is unique to the University of Illinois; current BC members and alumni have similar experiences which provide for fruitful alumni relations. In addition, your first semester is your New Member semester, rather than pledge ship.

Do I have to be a business student to apply?

No. Currently, we have members ranging from engineering and education to art & design and biology. We provide a holistic experience for all majors!

What does the New Member semester look like?

This semester is filled with Professional, Service, and Social opportunities in order for you to grow both personally and professionally. From the moment you join Business Council as a New Member, you are not only given the opportunity, but are encouraged to get involved by joining committees and planning events.

What can I expect from the recruitment process?

The overall goal is to help you better understand what it means to be a member of Business Council, as well as for us to get to know you and your experiences. This is accomplished through the combination of our professional interviews and social events. We look forward to getting to know you all!

Can I apply to BC more than once?

Definitely. Many current members of Business Council applied more than once, and we highly encourage you to continue applying.

How is BC involved with the Gies College of Business?

Business Council is the premier organization of the College of Business; we achieve this through events such as IMPACT Day (college-wide day of service), CBDC (inter-business fraternity dance competition for charity), and fun events with faculty members.  

Meet our recruitment chairs!

Lori Krawczyk

Fall 2021 Recruitment Chair

“When beginning the recruitment process, make sure to always have a positive mindset. Try to take value out of every aspect of this experience and look at it as an opportunity to grow yourself. Come in prepared & confident in your ability to succeed. I can’t wait to meet you all!”

Jaylen Patel

Fall 2021 Recruitment Chair

“Business council has played an instrumental part in my personal and professional development during college. As you embark on the recruitment process, be sure to carry a learners mindset, speak to as many members as you can, and reflect on the experiences that have shaped who you are today. We are thrilled to meet you all and can’t wait for you join the family!

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